Public Consultation on Climate Change Report is out!

On July 24th, TEMA Foundation representatives together with other environmental NGOs and representatives of local organizations visited the Embassy of France in Ankara. The visit was organized to present the results of the public consultation regarding climate change initiated by the government of France and  was organized by TEMA Foundation within project on June 6th in Istanbul in cooperation with Boğaziçi University and World Wide Views. The presentation of the event and results were followed by a brief discussion on energy investments by French companies in Turkey, local effects of climate change in Turkey and organization of the UNFCCC COP 21 in Paris in December.

Results of the public consultation which was attended by 98 people representing different sectors in the society clearly indicated worry about climate change and a call for a divestment from fossil fuel plans. 82.9%  of participants indicated that they are “very concerned” about the the impacts of climate change and 63.8% voted that the world should decide in Paris to do whatever it takes to limit temperatures exceeding 2 degrees Celsius warming. 90.6% of participants consider that their country should take measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, even if many other countries do not take measures and 57.4% of participants think that exploration for all fossil fuel reserves must stop.

The full report can be reached here.