World Environment Day in Macedonia: Joint action of students and citizens from Dabile

On the occasion of World Environment Day, students and teachers of the primary school “Cyril and Methodius” in the village Dabile joined the action that took place in this village, organised by the environmental organisations “Planetum” and “4x4x4 Balkan Bridges “Skopje – partner for Macedonia.

Students and other participants in the action cleaned up the park in the village. As part of this action, there was an outdoor exhibition of photographs taken in the flooded areas in the Strumica region this spring by the photographers Tome Hristov, Maya Ismailov, Stole Angelov and Alexander Donchev.

The exhibition was a reminder of all the bad moments experienced by citizens from the flooded areas in the Strumica region, where numerous households and agricultural areas were badly affected. The message sent has the purpose to have a more serious approach towards climate change as a global problem.

The award (Tablet 7) for best photography chosen by all the participants in the action was given to the photographer Stole Angelov. Also all students that took part in the action were given a small present: a tea cup and a book on ecology. These awards were provided by DUPOP PAKOMAK Skopje, the first and biggest collective handler for packaging waste in Macedonia.

At this event participated representatives from the local community Dabile, organisation “Rural Coalition” from Kumanovo and Association of greenhouse producers from Vasilevo. The event was featured by several local and national print and electronic media.

The action is part of the project “Development of the in West Balkans and Turkey: giving citizens a voice to influence the environmental process reforms for closer EU integration”, supported by the European Commission.

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