Celebrating the World Water Day in Serbia: field visit to Ada Ciganlija

On Sunday, March 22, 2015, Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development, together with the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, Public Enterprise “Ada Ciganlija” and Association of Lifeguards, organised the social event for citizens celebrating the World Water Day.

Social event was organised at the major urban public beach in Belgrade, on “Ada Ciganlija” from 12 to 16.

In the first part of the event, Association of Lifeguards had a short presentation of the security measures that need to be taken into account on the beach in case of the emergency. They showed the public their security equipment and explained the procedures for dealing with emergency situations.

In the second part, Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia led the participants to field visit to the habitat of some specific bird and fungi species. Interesting short presentations on the history and characteristics of Ada Ciganlija were followed by the presentations on particular species that live there. Special focus was on the importance of water on their habitat.

About 60 participants were present at this event.