ENV.net in Macedonia: preparations for the second phase 2015-2016

In the month of January 2015, the ENV.net partner in the FYROM, 4x4x4 Balkan Bridges, was focused on preparation activities for the second phase of the ENV.net project (2015-2016). To this purpose, it was dedicated to collect information on the EU progress reports for Macedonia from 2008 to 2014 and relevant information on the national environmental legislation related to the selected topics (climate change and waters) which, in the next period, will be used for identification of the progress/gaps with regard to the approximation to EU acquis.

In addition, a brochure, as wrap-up of the first phase of the project, printed in Macedonian, Albanian and English languages, was presented and distributed to the key target groups (civil society organisations, governmental authorities and media representatives). This was used as an opportunity to present the second phase of the ENV.net project and its objectives. In  the communication with local CSOs, 4x4x4BB  stressed the need for finalisation of the registration process of the Green Consortium, as a more organised form of CSOs for their pro-active participation in the monitoring process of  Country’s approximation to the EU acquis.