The partner Co-PLAN produced the policy paper on “Water Framework legislation in Albania”

This policy paper aims at describing the legislation and institutional framework of the sector of Water
Management Resources in Albania (river basins, marine water resources, surface and underground
water resources), as a Candidate country.
Albania is a country, whose water surface and ground water resources far exceed their usage. Most of economic activities relay on utilization of water resources, where over 90% of energy production comes from Hydro Power Plants (HPPs), and agriculture fully depends on irrigation. Also other sectors of economy like mining, industrial sector and tourism are also relayed on clean and sufficient fresh water resources.  But it is rare to not encounter heavy pollution of water resources, especially when compared with the plentiful freshwater resources. These problems of quality are exacerbated by a growing demand for limited water resources in some parts of the country. A comprehensive and sufficient monitoring system is missing, followed by a weak regulatory and financial framework together with the lack of a long-term strategy, which should act as a schedule for all activities and projects in the water sector. Given the situation, the country has a fragile and fragmented management of water resources.