ENV.net in Albania closed its first phase with two publications

Co-PLAN in the framework of the ENV.net concluded the first phase of the project by launching two publications related to different environmental issues.

The first publication, Co-PLAN Gazette (GAZETTE_English) (GAZETTE_Albanian), was dedicated to all ENV.net activities and contributions from the CSOs actors to energy efficiency issues. It covers the latest developments of the second half of 2014, with particular focus on the area of energy efficiency. Aspects like the importance of a multi-sectoral approach in addressing the issues and benefits of energy efficiency, a picture of the current state of the housing stock today, and recommendations for the promotion and enhancement of energy rehabilitation practices this stock. In this Gazette, you will also read about a number of green acts undertaken in several local communities with the help of civil society organizations within the ENV.net project.

The Second publication was on the assessment of public services performance, by citizens, in the city of Tirana (Performance Assessment). This publication was developed in collaboration with students from POLIS University and ENV.net team in Albania as a reflection and summary of the the questionnaire development by the students in different parts of Tirana city. The aim of the questionnaire was to assess public services performance in the city of Tirana, quality life and citizens priorities for better services. As you can see through the publication, the city was divided in different areas, where citizens were asked on several issues as: a) street cleanliness level; b) technical issues related to waste collection, as frequency and distance of  waste containers; c) satisfaction related to green areas; d) quality of public transport and frequency of transport lines; e) quality and level of water supply in the city; f) quality of public air in the city; g) availability of bicycle roads in the city and possibility to travel by bicycle, etc.