The Macedonia flyer “The KEY is in your hands”

To wrap-up the first phase of the project, the team prepared a brochure that presents the achievements of the first year of in Macedonia, but also promotes the key objectives of the next phase of the project. The brochure, printed in Macedonian and Albanian, will be presented and distributed to key target groups (civil society organisations, governmental authorities and media representatives) during February.

The team from Macedonia hopes that the good cooperation established in 2014 will continue in the next two years (2015-2016), with a common goal: to provide a stronger voice to citizens in protecting the environment for the well-being of present and future generations!

This flyer is presenting our intention of giving “hot sweet chestnut” in their citizens hands, with the title of the flyer “The KEY is in your hands” representing a clear message for all of us especially for CSOs and citizens… if we like to be part of EU family – than KEY in their hands can “open–un lock” EU door!