Awareness activity in Albania on energy saving days!

Co-PLAN in collaboration with POLIS University, in the frame of project organized on 18 and 19 of December 2014 an open awareness activity on issues related to energy efficiency in dwelling buildings (Poster 1 , Poster 2 , Poster 3 ).

The activity took place in the yard of QTU shopping mall, where the theater capsule type served to promote all the awareness activities and brochures as  (Pamflet_energjia_1) and (Pamfleti_energjia_2) during those two days.

The capsule was constructed following energy efficiency principals and special session were dedicated to this, where the authors explained in details the technology being used. Another special session was programed to NGOs that have worked closely with Co-PLAN and on energy efficiency issues, implementing small grant project awarded by during 2014.

Representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Municipality of Tirana were invited to have a talk with the community regarding energy efficiency sector development, and another session was dedicated to private businesses where they promoted their products, as techniques for energy saving.

The whole time, the community was provided with awareness materials and short movies on energy efficiency issues, and the media covered the whole activity.

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