ENV.net organized a round table with CSOs members of the Platform Green Macedonia.

On 2nd December, 2014 in Kumanovo, ENV.net Macedonia organised a working meeting with the CSOs, members of the Platform Green Macedonia.

At the meeting we had representatives from CSOs from Veles – Green Power, from Kumanovo – LIPA, NATYRA LIKOVE & Rural Coalition, from Kavadarci – Eco Life, from Tetovo – Youth Aliance and “Citizen Perspective” and from Skopje – Ekoskop, KOR/ CSD and 4x4x4Balkan Bridges Скопеј.

The aim was to discuss next steps of the Platform members with regards to the detected “10 hot-spots” and the prospects of establishing a “Green Consortium” that would increase our influence in the communication with the authorities at both local and national level.

The meeting was also used to discuss the ENV.net training held in Skopje, in November, 2014 and future activities planned for the next two years by the ENV.net project. Next CSOs meeting that will be held in Tetovo is planned for the 22nd December.

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