ENV.net training session in Macedonia


On April 2014, ENV.net partner from Macedonia (4x4x4 Balkan Bridges Skopje) conducted survey in Macedonia, as it was realized the same survey in previews year (2013) in other Western Balkans ENV.net partners countries (Serbia, Albania and Kosovo) and Turkey to assess training needs of environmental CSOs acting in these countries. The results show emerged the need of improving knowledge and skills on EU funding mechanisms and possible channels for CSOs to monitor the approximation process to EU environmental acquis.

For this reason, the ENV.net training programme started on March 2014, targeting CSOs (e.g. NGOs, youth organizations, academic institutions, community groups, environment networks/coalition and other type of non-profit organizations).


Macedonia was “last addresses” for 2014, of this programme, titled “Environment in the European Union: Funding Mechanisms and Policy Processes”, and its was held in Skopje on 14th -15th of November 2014.
Overall aim of this course was to encourage environmental NGOs to be involved in the EU processes and become more competent while doing so. The course consisted of 2 modules delivered by ENV.net staff, from Leading Partner Punto.sud from Milan-Italy and EEB from Brussels, with participation of 22 participants form more than 17 CSOs from Macedonia.

The main objective of the training was to provide participants a general understanding of the necessary steps to be successful in getting funds from the EU and enable them to actively participate in the calls for proposals launched by the European Commission and the EU Delegations for projects to be implemented in Macedonia or abroad. In addition, it aimed to support Macedonian CSO to familiarise with selected EU policy areas, highlighting possibilities to be better informed and involved and seek ways how they could contribute to the national and EU policy making.