ENV.net team in Albania partecipated at the Fair “Energy the FUture Challenge”

On 7-9 November 2014, Co-PLAN under ENV.net project in collaboration with POLIS University and DAPEEWB and ConSus project, funded by EU TEMPUS took part in the Fair organized by the Ministry of Energy and Industry and Tirana EXPO Center “Energy the Future Challenge”.

During these 3 days, at our stand, the community was able to be introduced with our regional project, where during 2014 there has been developed small sub-grant projects for the installation of solar panels to provide electric energy, educational hours on energy efficiency in a 9 year old school and installation of LED lamps in the school, and also awareness campaign on potential of renewable energy at the south of the country.

Also in collaboration with POLIS University, we shared information about the professional school of energy efficiency (DAPEEWB project, funded by EU Tempus)

On the second day of the fair, ENV. team took part at the National Workshop “Energy Efficiency in Housing Sector and Response from the Education Sector”, organized by U_POLIS and University of Aleksander Moisiu Durres, in the framework of DAPEEWB project, funded by EU Tempus. The seminar focused on the discussion of the new law on energy performance of buildings and the impact it will have on the stock housing and construction industry market.

The stand was active all three days, as we involved community participation, where they filled in a questionnaire regarding characteristics of their buildings, and we calculated on real time their energy loses and energy savings if they thermoinsulate their building. As we wanted to reach as much as possible community interest, we converted energy savings on financial savings and calculated the pay back period of the investment.

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