Day of Action Against Coal- 17.10.2014

Turkey declared 2012 as the ‘Year of Coal’ and announced that by 2023, all coal reserves in Turkey will be used for electricity production.

In November 2013, during the UN Warsaw Climate Change Conference COP 19, this brought Turkey ‘the Fossil of the Day Award’ from participating civil society organizations. CSOs justified the award stating that 38% of Turkey’s electricity production came from state owned plants whereas there is still not a national emmission reduction target.

Respectively, year 2014 has been a terrible year with regard to coal mining accidents in Turkey. In May, fire in the Soma Coal mines caused 301 miners to lose their lives. On 28th of October, in Ermenek, 18 miners were trapped because of the water reserves flood. Search for  the miners contunue to this day.

This latest happening in Ermenek has brought up the issue of mining in volatile environments such as  Konya Closed Basin in mid-Anatolia. In November 2013, TEMA published a report with the contribution of 12 academicians and experts on the effects of coal mining and a Coal Power Plant in the region and warned about the severe effect of mining on underground water and possible underground water floods. Report has been lauched with a press conference and presented to authorities.

Details of the report can be found at this address. (Translation in English available soon)

Here is some data on the status of electricity production adn consumption in Turkey:

  • Turkey’s energy is used %30 in industry, %23 in households and services, %35 in transportation. %36 of electricity production comes from coal, %56 from petroliim and natural gas.
  • Elektricity energy resources are %60 thermo, %35 water.
  • Electricty consumption nearly doubled in the last 10 years, major consumption belongs to industry, among which cement and iron-steel indstry leads with %40 share.

TEMA will continue its legal and campaign work against coal. Coal is not clean, coal is not a solution.