Roundtable “On Integrated Management of Municipal Solid Waste in the City of Tirana”

Co-PLAN in cooperation with the Municipality of Tirana and IFC, under the project, funded by European Commission organized the Roundtable “On Integrated Management of Solid Waste in the City of Tirana”, aiming the presentation of the feasibility study on integrated waste management in Tirana, and to open a discussion with stakeholders, civil society organizations and businesses to discuss the most appropriate solutions for integrated management of solid waste in the city of Tirana, in the premises of Polis University on 29th of October 2014 (The invitation and agenda).

More than 80 representatives from the civil society working in the field of waste management and environment, academic professors, students and TV media took place in this activity.

Mayer of the Municipality Mr. Lulzim Basha and the deputy Mayer Mr. Eno Bozdo presented the feasibility study developed, by IFC and the Municipality, during 2013 on Integrated Waste Management in Tirana for a period of 20 years through a Public Private Partnership concessionary scheme.

The study aimed on pointing out 3 main criteria: i) Within the first year of the PPP contract the small ring of the city will be provided with underground containers, where waste will be separated at the source in two main waste streams (organics and non organic waste); ii) within 3 years of the PPP contract this service will be provided in the whole territory of the Municipality of Tirana; iii) no increase of waste tariff for this new waste service provision.

Then the deputy Mayer made a thorough presentation about the study.

A whole session of discussions followed the meeting, where the Mayer and deputy Mayer addressed several questions and issues raised by the audience, as: issues related to the number of operators that will provide the service, and precisely what service they will provide (collection, transport, recycling, final treatment in the landfill of Sharra etc); if this scheme will support and take in consideration the existing infrastructure of recycling companies operating in the region etc. The Mayer cleared that the PPP contract will be all inclusive for the whole recycling companies, and no overlap of investments will take place. On the other hand ROM community will be supported by being legally included in the scheme.

At the end the Mayer launched a message to all representatives and the government to collaborate together to find the appropriate way on rightly addressing the issue of integrated waste management in the city of Tirana (counting 1/3 of the country population).

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