Roundtable “On Integrated Management of Municipal Solid Waste in the City of Tirana”

Integrated Management of Solid Waste (MMNU) represents one of the most important and serious problems, which currently the country is facing. Although the legal framework for integrated waste management in recent years has improved significantly, clearly anticipating in the legislation ways of processing major waste streams and final treatment alternatives for waste, concrete results in this sector have been insufficient, uncoordinated, where the local unit options have been limited to meet the targets required by national policy.

Municipality of Tirana, during 2013 in cooperation with IFC, part of the “Project for Public Private Partnerships for solid waste in the city of Tirana”, conducted a feasibility study to understand the state of existing waste management system in Tirana and proposed solutions for the most appropriate ways for integrated waste management.

Based on this fact, Co-PLAN in cooperation with the Municipality of Tirana and IFC, under the project, funded by European Commission will organize a Roundtable “On Integrated Management of Solid Waste in the City of Tirana”, aiming the presentation of the feasibility study on integrated waste management in Tirana, and to open a discussion with stakeholders, civil society organizations and businesses to discuss the most appropriate solutions for integrated management of solid waste in the city of Tirana.

The activity will take place at the premises of Polis University on 29th of October at 9:30-12:15.