“Primary Waste Selection in Kindergartens“ – The Center for Ecology and Energy

Within the ENV.net project and with the financial support from the EU, The Center for Ecology and Energy implements the project „Primary Waste Selection in Kindergartens“. The project objective is to include 10 kindergartens from Tuzla in establishing the system of primary waste selection and educational process.


After educational workshops for children, purchasing and setting up bins, one for paper and other for plastic in all 10 kindergartens, the CEE purchased the presses for PET bottles. In this way, to children and employees will be easier to press and storage the bottles that children brings with them to kindergartens.

In cooperation with teachers, competition is organized for the children in interior decorating in the way that promotes primary waste selection process and recycling. Preparations for this competition are in progress with completion in the first half of September. This competition will serve to children as additional motivation to understand the importance of the proper waste management for the human health and the environment.

Including kindergartens in this process, the greater social responsibility is achieved when it known that the youngest citizens of Tuzla are making the big steps in this direction.