Photovoltaic solar panels installed in different villages in Albania – sub-grant






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One of the sub-grants awarded by team in Albania, promoted the new technology of PV panels to provide electricity power. The project took place during all summer, where 6 PV panels were installed in different villages in Albania: i) PV panel was installed in a beehive facility to provide electricity during night, where the beekeeper milk honey; ii) 2 PV panel were installed in a sheep and pig flocks to provide electricity during the afternoon and evening hours and in early mornings; iii) PV panel was installed in a a dairy, where electricity power network is far away, and daily dairy activities were being developed in darkness; iv) PV panel was installed in a village to provide 24h electricity for the yard of a house, even where the owners are not there; v) PV panel was installed in a small market in a village, where electricity power was not provided.

The project was just a start toward this technology, which increased a lot of interests and requests from other people  that wanted to approach this solution for their facilities needs.

For more information in native language please look at the article on this webpage.



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