Cycling and green ideas in Macedonia from the 11th edition of Lice v lice “Face to face”

Centre for media activities from Republic of Macedonia opened the group exhibition “Green click” at the independent cultural centre “Ku La” in Skopje.

Young creative people were among the winning authors from the call “Face to face with my environment”, along with renowned Macedonian artists that joined their creative works, inspired by the “green ideas”, but also with the problems regarding environment – air pollution, protection of rare species and plants, de-forestation… Famous photographers, illustrators, comics authors, handmade jewelry artists were united with the themes “ecology” and “environment”The 11th edition of the street paper “Lice v lice” (Face to face) was also promoted at the opening of the exhibition. The focus theme is protection of the environment, with number of reports and texts about problems regarding air, water and soil pollution, but also texts promoting cycling, permaculture and other green ideas.
The promotional event, with the opening of the exhibition, but also the 11th edition of “Lice v lice” informed and educated people on how to become environmentally responsible, how to be proactive and to encourage to become more involved in finding solutions for the pollution problems.