ENV.net news from Macedonia

On the World Environment Day , the 5th June, the President of Macedonia, Mr. George Ivanov, organised a meeting with representatives of 15 civil society organisations active in the field of environmental protection, among which ENV.net partner Balkan Bridges 4x4x4 from Skopje, represented by its president Mr. Dushko Hristov.


The meeting, attended also the Deputy Minister of Environment and Physical Planning, Mr. Stevo Temelkoski, was a good opportunity to exchange views on a number of issues related to environmental protection, but also a possibility for the CSOs representatives to present their on-going initiatives and projects aimed to promote and advocate for better environment protection policies. Representative from the Balkan Bridges 4x4x4 used this occasion to inform the forum about the ENV.net project, and the activities implemented in Macedonia and wider in the region.


President Ivanov expressed support for the activities of these organisations, highlighting the importance of their efforts to raise awareness among the general public on issues related to environmental protection, climate change, renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste management and recycling.

Representatives of associations of citizens thanked Ivanov for reception. Both sides noted the need to further raise public awareness and knowledge about the importance of ecology and environmental protection, and for strengthening regional and international cooperation in the field of nature protection.