News from sub-grantee from Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Within the sub-grant “Primary Waste Selection in Kindergartens“, the Centre for Ecology and Energy (CEE) from Tuzla organized educational workshops for children in 10 kindergartens in Tuzla. The Project team prepared interesting presentation for children about primary waste selection, which were adapted to their age (children 5-7 years). Educational leaflets were also prepared and distributed to children and their teachers during the workshops.

After these presentation, the CEE purchased bins for the primary waste selection, blue for paper and yellow for plastic, for all 10 kindergartens. From now on about 1000 kids and 100 employees will be able to separate secondary raw materials which will be transferred for further processing. On this way, the process of proper and sustainable waste management according to the EU standards was initiated, and the greater social responsibility was achieved. It is known that the youngest citizens of Tuzla are making the great steps in this direction.


In cooperation with the kindergarten teachers, the competition between kindergartens will be organized. The competition is about decorating interior in the way that will promote the primary waste selection process. This competition will serve as additional motivation for children to understand the importance of the proper waste management for the human health and environment preservation. The main aim is to make awareness on children to adopt a better behaviour towards environment that will use in schools and in life, and to transfer acquainted knowledge to their families, neighbours and friends.