ENV-net e-learning course “Social media, activism and participation”

The first e-learning course “Social media, activism and participation”, developed in the framework of the ENV.net project, ended on the 17th of June.

See what partipants said about their e-learning experience:

About the course contents

“I enjoyed from the course but I knew a lot of information about main social networks, these parts were boring for me, however they are very useful and clear for people who starts to manage social networks accounts”

“The content was satisfactory for me as a basic social media user”

“Good explanations, good and clear slides”

“The content very good, good structured, logical flow of sessions. Sometimes it was a little bit heavy as some of the tools where totally unknown for me so I needed much more attention but it was useful”

“Content of the course was very comprehensive and educational”

“The content is well chosen, all important social networks are covered and other very useful tools were presented, which I haven’t heard of before”

About the relation course/daily work

  • “Actually social networks are real parts of our lives in new age, so this course helps to build better relationships with others. We can reach a big community via social networks. It helps to our business and social relationships. We can also feel other supports via social networks”

  • “The course is very flexible and it did not interfere with my daily work. So thanks guys ;)”

  • “It was very well organized on having one module per day, no time consuming and right to the point”

  • “I mostly have followed the course outside working hours and not constantly but in two long blocks. There could be more reminders (or maybe an automatic personal reminder tool) to schedule daily course timing”

  • “I thought that it will take to me more time, but it is very good manageable as you have a period of days and you can choose when to have the online course, to stop – start again. so good”

  • “It completely relates to my daily work, and I learned many new things that could improve my work and make it more efficient and effective”

About the ENV.net e-learning platform

  •  “It was really easy to use and fast. Everything was okay”

  • “It can be improved by new and modern design. The platform looks very old style, but actually the system is awesome! Thank you for everything”

  • “I find the ENV.net e-learning platform very easy. It would be nice to have an extra button to control the speed of the lecturer’s voice”

  • “Very easy to use, and quite fast to catch the best way the message of the course”

  • “It is very easy to use. Maybe could be a little bit more attractive to share contents and interact among participants. Thank you for this wonderful training!”

  • “It is user friendly and not much time-consuming”

  • “I personally found it bit slower than preferred, but it’s always better if you have the opportunity to speed up instead of pausing it or constantly rewinding the videos”

A new course started on the 18th of June with 50 participants! The enrollment process is now closed but you can attend the next courses starting from August 2014. See latest news on ENV.net e-learning courses here.