Time for voting for “Face to face with my environment” contest

Ten creative works has been selected to the final selection of works from the call “Face to face with my environment” that was organized by the Macedonian ENV.net sub-grantee Centre for media activities (CMA) from Skopje.

The participants to this call created posters and photos  that are now published on Lice v lice’s fb page and the audience is voting via “liking” their favourite work.

The voting is closing on 25th of June and all the selected works are on this link.

Members of the jury that selected these works are: the professional photographer – Tomislav Georgiev, the artist Tanja Balac and the director of the Platform for self realization and sustainable ways of life Elizabeta Zijlstra Jovanovska.

One of the awards for the winner is a bycicle which is going to be provided by the national partner of ENV.NET for Macedonia – the organization “4x4x4 Balcan Bridges”.

Becide the prizes, the best tree works will be part of an exhibition that is going to be held in July, at the promotion of the new, 11. edition of the street paper “Lice v lice”. There is also going to be a selection of works that will be published in this edition.

CMA, the organization that runs the platform of activism and that is issuing the street paper “Lice v lice” organized one more call on this subject – “Face to face with my environment” – Report a problem in your environment.

The citizens, the organizations and the public in general reacted to this call, sending their complains about problems in their surroundings, concerning the environment. We received a number of problems that a journalist, member of the team of “Lice v lice” is going to develop in a in debt text that is going to be part of this edition of the magazine, also.