Meeting with sub-grantees in Turkey



End of May and beginning of June organized two separate meetings with 2 organizations which have been awarded subgrants in the framework of call for proposals:” Development of the in West Balkan and Turkey: giving citizens a voice to influence the environmental process reforms for closer EU integration”.

Organizations and funded projects are:

  • First Organization: NGO-Doğa Kültür ve Yaşam Derneği-Legendary Pallid Scoops Owl (Bilecik-Urfa)

On 29th of May 2014 Pınar Gündoğdu from Doğa Kültür ve Yaşam Derneği which is located in Urfa came to visit partners in Istanbul.  After a brief introduction from team on Project, Pınar Gündoğdu made a presentation on their project and on their organization.

The Project is about Legendary Pallid Scoops Owl which can only be found only in Birecik region in Europe.


  • Second Organization: NGO-Eğitim ve Çevre Gönüllüleri Derneği-“Beautiful City, Clean Sea Van (Yeşil Bir Şehir, Temiz Bir Deniz Van)” (Van)

 On 11th of June our second Sub-grant winner organization from Van made a visit to Istanbul to explain their project and to sign the contract with the Their project named “Beautiful City, Clean Sea Van (Yeşil Bir Şehir, Temiz Bir Deniz Van)” draws get attention to Walnut Trees in Van. Aim of the project is to raise awareness in Van, hometown of walnut trees in Anatolia, through plantation efforts of school children.


 Garip Kızılkaya made a brief presentation on their plans and expectations within the project. After his presentation, team gave him information about the procedures and forms to be used in the process of implementation and reporting. After this information section, the contract was signed.