News of the week from TEMA 09.06.2014




First photograph of the week is from Rize.  During the Regional Volunteers Meeting that was undertaken at Artvin, the Rize Tema Youths and volunteers that had taken the stage, were greatly appreciated by the participants for their meaningful messages against threats on nature. They expressed their feelings against outdated mining facilities, Hydro electrical Power Stations and similar threats that is threatening the Black Sea by shouting as “Our Gold is the Nature”..


The second photo of the week is from Tekirdağ-Şarköy. This photo taken after an event which was held by Şarköy County volunteers Representatives. 


The last photo of the week is from Edirne.  This photo is from Water for Life event which is to get attention and create awareness on the importance of water. Here we see TEMA Juniors giving meaningful messages with their multicolored banners.