ENV.net launched its first e-learning course!

ENV.net have just launched call for applications to the e-learning course “Social media, activism and participation“.

This course provides support to CSOs that would like to start or improve their communication strategy through the use of social media. It helps in understanding how to use the most common social networks, like twitter, facebook, and linkedin and provide step-by-step suggestions to organise on-line petitions or campaigns.

The course is delivered through the on-line platform Forma.lms. It is divided into three modules:

  • The first module explains how to create a social media strategy and introduces participants to social media concepts and tools.
  • The second module guides participants to practically work on the most known social networks, such as twitter, facebook linkedin and youtube.
  • The last module focuses on the creation of proper on-line campaigns by using tools, like Twibbon, Donate your account and Thunderclap or creating and sending newsletter through mailchimp.

This is an on-line self-learning course and offers high degree of flexibility to participants who are free to follow the lessons at any time, but are requested to complete the course within its global duration of 15 days. The average duration of the course is 3 days.

The course is in English and it is free of charge.

Application procedures

There are 3 periods in which interested users can attend the course Social Media, Activism and Participation:

  •  3rd June – 17th June 2014
  • 18th June – 2nd July 2014
  • 18th August – 1st September

To apply in one of these courses, you should first registered in the ENV.net e-learning platform from this link: http://dl.env-net.org/ by clicking on ‘Register’ and then follow the registration and subscription procedure.

Once chosen the course from the course catalogue, this will be accessible from the first day of the course duration.

Write to env.net-helpdesk@puntosud.org or see this link for additional information about this course.

Hope to see you in one of our virtual classes!