TV debate in Albania: “The Energy that doesn’t cost”

Co-PLAN and Polis University in collaboration with Ministry of Energy and Industry, Municipality of Tirana, Association of Albanian Construction and Private companies on applying therm-insulation technology organized in a National Television Network a debate regarding Energy efficiency issues and potentials of renewable energy sources in Albania. (watch the TV debate Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

The discussion was mainly focused on legislation gaps, where the new law on energy efficiency is still not being approved, and on the fact that the country is lacking the energy audit experts which should certify the existing building on their actual energy performance and instruct inhabitants how to improve their energy performance by saving more and more energy.

Several examples were brought by the experts on pilot projects being implemented on improving energy buildings performance across the country, and how they have impacted on raising a little bit awareness to the wider community to start their own initiative on therm-insulating their own dwellings, and purchasing A or A+ electrical appliances.

Another issue raised was the absolute need for more awareness activities for the community to understand better how efficient are they on their daily energy consume and what can they do on improving their behavior, what measures they should take etc.