Training session in Albania 15-17 April 2014 on “EU project design process and environmental policy implementation”

On 15-17 of April, the team started the first round of capacity building of NGOs, in Tirana – Albania, with three days of training session on “EU project design process and environmental policy implementation”.

14 NGOs from Albania, from different geographical locations, followed the training session delivered by punto.sud and EEB in collaboration with Co-PLAN, while bringing their own experiences and gaps they had encounter on designing a project for an EU grant and understanding what are the main EU environmental policies that we have to keep in mind during our process to enter EU membership.

During the three days of training the participants were able to be introduced, as the first part, with EU institutional structure, main sources where potential candidate country can get funds from EU, the practical process on writing a project proposal according to EU guidelines for call for proposal, and as introduction to logframe approach and how to develop it. TACSO representative followed almost the first day of this training session, through providing useful tips and clarifications for several subjects.

The second part of the training was more related on environmental policy implementation in the EU member countries, their achievements and gaps and how potential candidate countries can be positioned in this context to best fulfill EU accession requirements. More specifically trainers of this session focused on EU climate change policy, adapted by the end of 2013 and the 7th environmental action program, which is too adapted lately by EU. Along with explaining the EU context of these two subjects, the trainers developed practical exercises to contextualize them with the Albania context.

At the end of the training participants were awarded with a certificate!