“Factories are suffocating us!” Tetovo activists on protest in Skopje

Hundreds of activists from Tetovo protested in Skopje asking the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning not to allow extension of the deadline by which industries in the Tetovo region must put filters and provide environmental permits.

“Tetovo still remains the most air polluted city in the country. In the last 5 days citizens from Tetovo are breathing air polluted with a double PM 10 particles then allowed, “said Elena Mishevska from the initiative “Together against pollution of Tetovo”.

There are only 10 days to the deadline for the companies to secure integrated environmental permits, but the Ministry has already announced the possibility that this period could be prolonged for plants that have by now started the procedure and are in an advanced stage of implementation of the environmental standards.

In order to demonstrate the level of pollution, activists made a performance in front of the Ministry, in which some of them fell to the ground, thereby symbolically showing the effect of air pollution on the health of the citizens.

Although the protest was announced, the Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Abdulakim Ademi did not receive the citizens, so they left him their requirements at the archives of the Ministry.

Photo: Radio MOF (http://www.radiomof.mk/tetovskite-aktivisti-so-protest-vo-skopje-pobaraa-da-zapre-zagaduvaneto/ )

Source: http://faktor.mk/archives/99898?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=tetovski-aktivisti-na-protest-vo-skopje-fabrikite-ne-zadushija