News of the Week from TEMA Field



Photograph 1


First photograph of the week is from TEMA Karaman Volunteer Representatives. In this photo, our Uncle Ömer is planting a tree within the scope of Forest Week activities at Karaman-Mut. He presents us a good example of being active in life despite his advancing age.

Photograph 2


The second photo of the week is from our Malatya City Volunteer Representatives. We want to present this photo, taken during a bicycle tour into the nature.  .According to our volunteer Tolgahan Ateş who had taken this photo: “Cycling is life. It motivates people. You can’t even realize you are flying. TEMA is also life. It invites you to nature. In this way you feel yourself purified and revitalized.”

Photograph 3


The last photo of the week is from the Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Young TEMA. On the World Water Day, to get attention and create awareness on the importance of water, young TEMAs walked in front of the Trojan Horse at the city center square with the t-shirts they designed, just like other young TEMAs did in various places across Turkey.