Protests against interventions in the National Park Mavrovo, in the Republic of Macedonia

On 15th February 2014, in front of the former department store “MOST“ in Skopje, a major environmental protest was held against the construction of the power plant facilities “Bosko Most” and “Lukovo Pole”.

Building of the two hydroelectric power plants in the National Park of Mavrovo, will have negative impact not only on the overall bio-diversity of the park, but also n the river Radica and the Debar lake. 

Organisers of the protest were the Association “Ode Dibrane ” from Skopje, the two environmental coalitions ” Ecology – priority ” and ” Natura 2000″. The protest was supported by a large number of residents from the Debar and Reka region, citizens and members of NGOs from, Skopje, Gostivar and Tetovo.

The protest under the slogan “Protect the river Radica ” and “Protection of the National Park Mavrovo ” is part of the wider community initiative “against the idea of the World Bank and the EBRD to finance two power facilities in Lukovo Pole and Bosko Most, initiated by the Government of Macedonia and the national electrical company ELEM”.

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