Civic initiatives to rescue Vodno in the Republic of Macedonia

The informal association of citizens for salvation of the Vodno mountain, worried for the intensive destruction of the mountain with serious construction activities at several points on its slopes, as well as because of the announcement for realisation of new projects that would be further degradation of the natural environment of the Vodno mountain, urged citizens of Skopje to express their disapproval, by joining the second protest march, organised on 9th February, 2014.

The protest march, organised under the slogan “Let’s save Vodno ” started at 10 am in front of the elementary school Koco Racin , where participants, walking or on bikes, headed for the top of the mountain. The meeting took place in front of the mountain lodge on top of Vodno in 12.30h. From the meeting, a proclamation was addressed to the competent local and national authorities, requiring to immediately stop the ruthless urbanisation and destruction of park- forest Vodno ,

Jugoslav Dukovska, the initiator of the first protest against the urbanisation of Vodno, said that the citizens of Skopje should not allow this building madness to cripple their mountain. She sent an appeal to the authorities to stop the construction of the road between the Sun City and the New Tower, which divides the mountain in two and destroys its forest belt.

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