TEMA Workshop on Healthy Soil Healthy Food









TEMA Foundation, works since 1992 to combat soil erosion and raise awareness on the protection of natural habitats, with the belief that soil is the life source of all living things.

Based on this belief TEMA Foundation’s 2014-2015 work program will be under the motto “Healthy Soil, Healthy Food”. TEMA Foundation will focus on the production of healthy food and will show to the public that one can only have access to healthy food through healthy soil and healthy environment. This is going to be TEMA’s priority.

Activities will be organized to emphasize the potential of the agricultural economy of soil health, to raise awareness of the rural population that is involved in food production and to create awareness for the urban people who don’t feel connected to soil.

TEMA Foundation has organized a workshop on 14 January 2014 to develop basic strategies on the above issues. 28 academicians and experts from various universities and NGO’s attended the meeting. Based on the comments and suggestion provided by participants, TEMA is developing an awareness rising and communication campaign on its core working areas and Turkey’s environmental concerns.