ENV.net Serbia participate at participatory thematic meeting on IPA II programming

On January 30, 2014  in the premises of the Government of Serbia Office for European Integration held a thematic meeting of the SECO mechanism (established in Serbia in 2011,  enabling civil society participation in planning and monitoring of EU and other international development assistance) EASD  – ENV.net Serbia is the leading organization for SECO sector environment and energy, together with  CEKOR – Center for Ecology and Sustainable Development and the Center for Civil Society Development Protecta.

Topics discussed include:

1 Presentation documents IPA 2014-2016 intervention logic: discussion on priority topics and the order of the sectoral support for IPA 2014-2016 (link to the objectives, priorities and measures over the document) – document was presented at the meeting;

2 Program support to the sector and the further course of programming;

3 The participation of civil society in the programming of IPA II – Indicative calendar of events for programming in 2014. year.

EASD – ENV.net Serbia representative  at this meeting was Filip Jovanovic. Representatives of other leading CSOs were presented, as well as representatives by competent Ministry (of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection) and Office for European Integration.