The Energy Strategy in Kosovo 2013 – 2022 Priority –Energy efficiency

On 12.18.2013, the Ministry of Economic Development organized a public debate on the Energy Strategy of the Republic of Kosovo, 2013 – 2022. The debate was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, KEK, KOSTT, Energy Regulatory Office, international donors, civil society, media and other stakeholders.

Minister of Economic Development Mr. Fadil Ismaili in the beginning of the debate said: “We received number comments, suggestion and recommendation and most of them are incorporated into the latest draft, especially those who have come from donors, from international financial institutions, also from civil society.

The drafting of the Strategy is prepared base on two important criteria: first, economic principles of production and supply of electricity and second, environmental principles.

“The plan for next year is to become a comprehensive study on the possibilities of facilitating all projects dealing with energy efficiency and include fiscal incentives for materials and products that have energy certificate – EE.

At the same time Kosovo Government will work in Construction Law which will specify the materials and products that are in compliance with the requirements for energy certificate”. Kosovo Government started negotiation banks or financial institutions that for supporting Commercial Banks during the implementation of projects that use materials and products that guarantee an energy certificate – EE for energy savings.