ENV.net workshop on energy efficiency in the Residential Sector in Albania coming soon

ENV.net is please to invite all interested actors to take part to a National workshop “Improving energy efficiency in the residential sector in Albania”

The workshop will take place in Tirane at Polis University premises on December 12, 2013. It is organized by Co-Plan, Institute for Habitat Development, in cooperation with Ekolevizja, Milieukontakt Albania, and Eden Centre in the framework of the EU financed project “Development of the ENV.net in West Balkan and Turkey: giving citizens a voice to influence the environmental process reforms for closer EU integration” through the Partnership Programs for Civil Society Organizations.

The workshop will focus on aspects of residential energy efficiency, and to fulfill the following objectives:

(i) Provide an analysis of the institutional and legislative progress to date, in the energy efficiency sector in condominiums;

(ii) Present recommendations to improve the current legislative and institutional framework for increasing energy efficiency in condominiums in Albania; (iii) Raise awareness among citizens, civil society organizations, and institutions on the necessity for progress in this field and (iv) strengthen the role of civil society in improving legal framework on energy efficiency and facilitating its implementation.

Please see more information about the agenda and other details on the workshop here.