ENV.net is becoming “more social”

Today ENV.net team attended a webinar on the use of social networks for ENV.net action, organised by Claudia Vago.

This event was preceded by a study on the use of internet and social media in ENV.net countries and by the partners themselves prepared by the same consultant (see ENV.net – Where we are)

It was a great opportunity to improve ENV.net capacity to better communicate our messages by using these media. Apart from facebook, which is already known by almost of us, we discovered storify, which allows you to create stories, by combining news from twitter, instagram, flickr, you tube and other social media, and to publish them on the website. Very nice! We will use it soon in ENV.net website…

Moreover we discovered the importance of having an hashtag as a means of grouping ENV.net messages, so that one can search for the hashtag and get the set of messages that contain it. Try our #envnet !

Then we also find out the way to scheduling posts in facebook (but also in other social media), through the amazing bufferapp.

ENV.net team will continue to work on these tools to find out the best ways to communicate with people, to spread the world, to networking….

Would you like to join us?