City for Citizens


Public spaces in Albanian cities over the past 20 years, have been transformed into parking lots, cafeterias & bars, or piles of uncollected waste. More often, they are also transformed into additions to existing buildings, or multistorybuildings. Along with the public space, There are very limited chances for people to stay together and socialize, play, or simply watch the world go by. Today, children and the elderly are two of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to lack of public space.
In order to showcase that community willingness is enough when coupled with commitment, creativity and recyclable materials, Co-PLAN, POLIS University and the Slovak Governance Institute, under the project City for Citizen,  financed by the EU, decided to build a playground for children and a modest recreational area for the elderly.
POLIS University students, together with architects, urban planners and engineers, with the support and collaboration of the Municipal Unit 11, Tirana, worked for three weeks toproduce a multifunctional, colorful playground.
The project built on children’s wishes, and suggestions from the residents of the area, which were then transformed into practical games produced by the students and specialists. The project relied on the use of recyclable materials, such tyres and wooden pallets, all of which are very easy to find.