Are these really Big Projects?

On 10th September, 18 officials from 6 universities and 4 CSOs, including TEMA, met up for a roundtable in the framework of the project.
The discussion focused on the possible impacts of the “Istanbul Big Projects Plan” on the environment. This plan include the construction of a new bridge over the Boshporous, a 3rd Airport and the opening of a canal to connect the Black and Marmara Sea to the Northwest of the Boshporus.
The implementation of these projects surely represents a serious threat for the Northern forests, the watersheds, the agricultural and grazing lands.
Academicians and CSO representatives from different  fields such as transportation, urban planning, marine science, environmental and marine law, nature protection, public health and forest ecology took part in the discussions on the effects of such projects on human and environmental health. The contribution of all the participants has been essential  to develop possible strategies to raise awareness within the public.